About Emi


Hi there, I’m Emi and I love to cook! I decided to start this blog to chronicle my kitchen adventures. From a very young age I was always by my mom’s side in the kitchen, always eager to learn what techniques she used and why she used them. I grew up mainly learning about Japanese food and cooking techniques, but then started to venture further into other cuisines. I’m not a trained chef, but I have a passion for food and I love to learn (mainly by making mistakes, I’m only human).

When I was in university, I started a YouTube channel (Emiiidesu) because I wanted to teach people new things and it was really fulfilling to find out that people made my recipes and enjoyed them. After I graduated and started working, I got busy and as life goes I didn’t have much time to maintain it, but my passion never died! So many years later, I finally started this to share with you and everyone. I have plans to post more videos, but baby steps first. I’m really excited for this and I can’t wait to start sharing recipes and my experiences in the kitchen, hopefully I can help you create your own kitchen adventure as well!