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Tuna and Salmon Poke Bowls

November 4, 2015
Tuna and salmon poke rice bowl dinner set

Kevin has been talking about and showing me pictures of poke bowls non-stop this week. No, I don’t mean pictures of hands poking bowls, but rather delicious tuna poke rice bowls filled with other yummy toppings. Poke (pronounced either po-kei or po-kay, I’ve heard both ways so I’m not sure which is actually correct) is an easy snack that pleases even the pickiest of people. Trust me, you can’t screw this up.

Poke is a Hawaiian dish that is traditionally made with chunks of ahi tuna marinated in soy sauce, sea salt, sesame oil, limu seaweed (a Hawaiian seaweed), onions, and chili peppers. It’s generally served with crushed roasted candlenut, but since this is a nut-free house I didn’t use any nuts in my recipe. I’m not sure how popular candlenut is outside of Hawaii and being that I have never heard of it before, you could easily use macadamia nuts as a substitute.

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